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Return and Refund Policy



General Merchandise
We offer 14-day returns on all unopened and unused products. The product must be in full working/original condition with no signs of use. In order to return any products, you must aquire a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) from us. You can get a RMA by calling or emailing us (Please see our "Contact Us" page).
Once you have subitted an RMA request to us, we will supply you with a return label. and instructions for shipping back. Once you ship back the items, they will be inspected by one of our associates and then the return will be processed. You will be reimburshed your original purchase price minus the return label cost. The amount will be credited the same way you paid (i.e. Paid with mastercard, back on same card). The return process (once the item is back in our posession) usually takes 24-48 hours. The amount returned (depending on how you paid) will be processed by the merchant provider within 92 hours.
Live insects
We do not accept returns on any live insects. This is due to the fact that constant transport of these critters will result in their death. The best thing to do, is simply release them. Thank you for understanding.
For more information on our return policy, please contact us directly (see "Contact Us").
Refunds will be disbursed within 24-48 hours once the product has been recieved by our team and inspected. The payment will be credited the same way you paid. (aka mastercard goes on mastercard).  
*all prices listed include free shipping and are final. There are no additional shipping or handling fees.